Deal with Water Damage

How Fast to Deal with Water Damage?

How long does it take to deal with water damage? It is a bit similar to the question of how fast can water damage destroy a home? According to Calgary Damage Restoration, in the first minutes, the damage is not that visible and severe. But how about the remaining hour, day, and a week that we are still dealing with water damage. What would be the situation if we do not take action immediately when dealing with water damage?

If you are dealing with water damage and does not take action immediately, there would be severe hazards. It would be broken furniture, floorings, walls, and damages in other appliances. But it does not occur in the first minutes, like what we have mentioned above. But it can cause damages within an hour, or a day if we didn’t take action immediately.

However, for the first minutes, it is better to contact the Calgary Water Damage Restoration before it gets worse. If not, these would be the possible situations you could experience in dealing with water damage.

Within 24 Hours or 1 Day

If you let the water damage stuck in your home, there would be damages and swelling in the furniture. It is not only in furniture but other structural items.

But other than that, the bacterial odor would arise in that area due to the flood. But that odor is only mild, and not that severe.

Within 2 to 7 Days

The mold and mildew will start to grow in this stage. There would be structural damage to wood floorings and walls. Other than that, the metals would slowly begin to rust.

If you let the water damage stick in your home for a week, there would be a possibility of serious biohazard and contamination in the area. That would be dangerous to the household.

More than weeks

If you still didn’t get rid of the water damage, there would be severe effects. You would experience damages from furniture, floorings, and walls. Other than that, it would increase the risk of biohazard and contamination.

The mold and mildew will grow severely too. It would be hard for you to restore it fast and effectively.

So, if you are dealing with water damage, it is better to contact restoration companies Calgary. In this way, you could prevent any severe water damages.


Water damages are not only causing furniture breakdowns. But it can cause diseases to physical health too. Therefore, it is necessary to take action immediately. Do not put your life and your household at risk, as well as your property. Do a restoration quickly instead.

How fast to deal with water damages? For the first minutes or hours, there would be no severe damages. However, that is the best moment to call professionals instead. With the help of Calgary Damage Restoration, you do not need to experience these different stages of water damages. We guarantee that we provide the best and fast service. So, if you are dealing with water damage, take action immediately by contacting professionals.

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