Prevent Frozen Pipes

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes?

A frozen pipe is one of the crucial situations that might happen in a home. It brings effects such as temporary loss of water. Worst, it can cause severe hazards and damages. If that is the case, frozen pipes can cause frustration to a lot of residences out there. Therefore, it is necessary to take action immediately. We must prevent a crucial situation like this before it gets worse and delivers dangers in the household. However, these are the tips on how to prevent frozen pipes effectively, according to the Calgary Damage Restoration.

People may think that the number one cause of a frozen pipe is due to the winter season. But honestly, there are a lot of reasons why the water pipes freeze severely. Well, before we proceed to the actual prevention tips, it is necessary to be aware of the causes first.

Cause of Frozen Pipes

There are many reasons why water pipes froze suddenly. And residences must be aware of it to prevent any situation like this. We all know how frustrated it is to experience frozen pipes in our home. Other temporary loss of water, it can cause flood once it gets burst. However, these are the common causes of frozen pipes:

Water Pipes on the Exterior Walls

Water pipes located on the exterior walls are vulnerable in freezing. Due to a lack of insulation, the water pipes could freeze easily.

Water Pipes on the Basements

Since there is no adequate amount of heat in the basement, water pipes are vulnerable in freezing too. That is why frozen pipes could cause flooded basements if it gets burst severely.

Exposed to Cold Areas

Water pipes are vulnerable to freezing if it’s located in cold areas such as outdoors, swimming pool supply lines, and more. So, if your water pipes are located in one of these areas, it is better to check it regularly. In this way, you can prevent worst situations like flooding and loss of water.

In addition to this, water pipes are also vulnerable to freezing if you are living in cold areas. Therefore, it is necessary to observe it regularly.

After knowing these causes of frozen pipes, let’s proceed with how we would prevent it effectively. Otherwise, there is no use of being knowledgeable in these causes if we do not take action on preventing a situation like this.

Tips on How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

  1. Add insulation to the attics, basements, or in the exterior walls. The higher insulation could maintain the area at the right temperature that would not cause frozen pipes.
  2. Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow the warmer air to circulate the plumbing. It is the best prevention if your water pipes are located on the exterior walls.
  3. Keep the heat on, especially if you are planning to be away during cold weather. Make sure that there will be enough heat in your property. If not, there might be instances that the frozen pipes might burst and cause water damages.
  4. Seal up all the cracks and holes that let the cold air enter into the area where the water pipe is located.

But if you are now experiencing frozen pipes, you can contact the Calgary Damage Restoration. It provides the best and quick frozen pipes repair Calgary. But if not, it is so much better to consider these tips on how to prevent frozen pipes.

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