smoke damage restoration

Smoke Damage

Smoke Damage

Most people tend to think that whenever you have a fire in your home, it is only the flames that cause damage. The truth is that smoke causes the most significant loss. It is mainly due to the pervasive nature of the smoke. Dealing with the mess left by fire and smoke damage can thus be overpowering if you are trying to make sense of what has happened. Regardless of how much of your home is damaged, and to what extent, the most important thing to do during clean-up is to talk with a smoke damage restoration professional as soon as possible.

However, you should also try out everything in your power to get as much of the dirty, smoky, soot filtered air out of your home. There are a few things that you should keep in mind during the process to help in the clean-up. First, you should seek the permission of re-entry from a fire marshal to know if the house is safe. Open doors and windows to allow fresh air to circulate the room. Bring in a small fan to increase the amount of air flow as much as possible since the air in your home can be as damaged as other things in the house. For areas not affected by the smoke, closing the door will be of help as it will prevent the unnecessary smoke and soot into them.

Smoke Damage Removal

Removing smoke damage from the surface can be problematic and time-consuming, that is eliminating soot and particles from the whole house. Thus when cleaning off the residue from surfaces, try not to rub it around as this may make the problem more severely. Be sure that a thorough clean-up is done to your home to ensure that the air is safe again for breath. During the surface cleaning process, you need to put on protective clothing as the surface is cleaned with a chemical sponge and solution of either rubbing alcohol or paint thinner.

Also, you should ensure a proper kitchen clean-up. If any food was open when your home was damaged, throw it out immediately. It may be damaged by smoke and soot making it not only unpleasant but also dangerous to consume. You can clean any of the hard surfaces in your kitchen by using standard detergents which will help cut the oily residue left by soot. Subsequently, odours should be removed from linens, fabrics, textiles, and clothing before washing them. A counteractant should be used to break down the soot molecules in clothes to be released during washing. After all the difficult task of trying to eliminate the smoke damage, thermal fogging may need to be done by a professional team to break down the smoky residue and odours that remain in the home.

Smoke Damage Cleaning

Even though you can help in the clean-up yourself, there are things you are not supposed to do. First, do not operate any electrical components that were near the fire or water before contacting a professional. Secondly, if your ceiling is wet do not use any of the light fixtures, this can bring about short circuit or other electrical severe issues. More so if your walls are painted, cleaning the walls incorrectly could make the problem more badly. Beyond blowing and vacuuming, do not attempt any further cleaning of carpets or furniture.

Smoke Damage

Although there are many things you can do yourself when you have smoke damage, when faced with extensive damage, it is essential to have a trained professional cleaner come and review the full magnitude of what has happened. In addition to providing cleaning services that will not further damage to any of your home, they can also give you tips and advice for managing any soot that remains in your home. Actually, smoke damage can be very destructive. With proper cleaning and upkeep however, things can get back to just the way they were before. It is better to leave this responsibility in the hands of professionals like Calgary Damage Restoration Services.

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